God knows me

Here are some ideas for each page of the book:

1. God knows me and he loves me.

2. God knows my name and what I look like.

3. God knows me because God made me.

4. God knows when I sit.

5. God knows when I get up.

6. God knows when I go out.

7. God knows when I lie down.

8. God knows when I’m happy.

9. God knows when I’m sad or grumpy.

10. God knows what I do and what I say.

11. God knows where I am, even at night when it is dark.

12. God’s book, the Bible, says that God loves me and he knows all about me.

13. Psalm 139 verse 1, “Lord…you know me. You know everything I do.”

14. Thank you God that you know all about me and love me.

Making your own ‘God knows me’ book

It would be great to make your own ‘God knows me’ book so that your child has a book which is specifically about them. In it you could include photos or drawings of your child. See the photo of a book I made for my friend Nathan.

You could put the photos in a mini album or a book with a caption for each photo (either on the facing page or below each photo). Some ideas: God knows I like…, God knows I can… etc.


‘God knows’ from ‘J’ is for Jesus

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