Please God

Here are some ideas for each page of the book:

1. Thank you God that I can talk to you and say, ‘Please God help me’.

2. Please God help me love you.

3. Please God help me love my family.

4. Please God help me be kind and share

5. Please God help me say ‘sorry’ when I need to.

6. Please God help me when I’m sick or hurt.

7. Please God help me when I’m sad.

8. Please God help my family.

9. Please God help my friends and everyone I know.

10. Please God help children to know you love them.

11. Please God help everyone to know you love them.

12. God’s book, the Bible, says that God helps us. Thank you God.

13. “God is my helper.” Psalm 54 verse 4

14. Please help me to remember you love me. Thank you God.

Making your own pictorial prayer book

It would be great to make a pictorial prayer book for your child. That’s a book that has pictures or photos of people your child could pray for. You could take photos or your child (or an older sibling) could draw:

You could put the photos in a mini album, or paste drawings in a book, with a caption for each photo (e.g. “Please God help my friends at Playgroup”). Or the whole book could be called “Please God help…” and just names of people written inside.

Using your pictorial prayer book:

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