Thank you God

Here are some ideas for each page of the book:

1. Thank you God.

2. Thank you God for people who love me.

3. Thank you God for friends to play with.

4. Thank you God for food to eat.

5. Thank you for water to drink.

6. Thank you God for all the things I can see that you have made.

7. Thank you God for butterflies and flowers.

8. Thank you God for animals.

9. Thank you God for fun times.

10. Thank you God for smiles and laughs and hugs.

11. Thank you God that I can talk to you and thank you that you hear me.

12. Thank you God for your book, the Bible. Thank you that I can learn in the Bible about Jesus and about how much you love me.

13. Psalm 118 verse 1, ‘Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good, and his love is eternal.’ (Eternal means it lasts forever and ever. God’s love never ends.)

14. Thank you God that there are so many things to thank you for. Please help me to remember to say “Thank you” God.

Making your own ‘Thank you God’ book

Idea #1 Thank you God photo book

It would be great to make your own ‘Thank you God’ book.

Take photos of people, places and things known to your child—people, places and things that are part of their lives and they can thank God for. For example, family members, friends, a local park, a tree in/near your street, a tap in your home, water in your child’s cup/bottle, one or more of their meals, your child’s favourite fruit, their bed…

You could put the photos in a mini album or a book with a caption for each photo (either on the facing page or below each photo), eg. “Thank you God for Grandad”, “Thank you God for my bed.”, “Thank you God for yummy apples”.

Idea #2 Thank you God pages for prayer

During the day your child might be interested in drawing, pasting or colouring* a picture of something to thank God for. You can write at the top of the page: “Thank you God for…”.

Then when you pray sometime later in the day, you could use the page for your child to say (if old enough) or you to say, for example, “Thank you God for apples. Amen.” This page, along with others like it, can go in a book that you use when you pray. Your child can choose what to thank God for that day and turn to that page. As it’s a ‘picture book’ they don’t need to be able to read to use it.

* For a really little one, you can draw simple pictures for your child to colour in. Remember that their ‘colouring’ is more like ‘scribbling’! So it really doesn’t matter how lacking in artistic talent your drawings are.


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