God made

Here are some ideas for each page of the book:

1. God made these trees. God made every tree.

2. God made flowers.

3. God made fruit and vegetables.

4. God made the grass and the sky. God made the sun and the clouds we see in the daytime.

5. God made the moon and the stars we see at night.

6. God made the birds that fly in the sky.

7. God made fish that swim in the sea. God made the sea too.

8. God made these cows.

9. God made all these animals. (What animals can you see?) God made all the animals everywhere.

10. God made me, my family and my friends.

11. God made all the people I see each day. God made everyone!

12. God’s book, the Bible, tells us that God made lots and lots of things.

13. Psalm 104 verse 24 “Lord you have made so many things! How wisely you made them all!”

14. Thank you God for all the things you have made.

Making your own ‘God made’ book

It would be great to make your own ‘God made’ book. It in you could include photos or drawings or collage pictures (or a combination).

Idea #1 use photos

The book could be either just people or people as well as other things that God has made.

For ‘people’, take photos of your child and other family members (including extended family) as well as friends (for instance a photo of individual friends, or a group say at a Playgroup, or a family who lives in your street etc). You could put the photos in a mini album with a caption for each photo (either on the facing page or below each photo), eg. ‘God made Susie.’, ‘Thank you God for making Grandad.’, ‘God made my friends at playgroup.’

For ‘things’ and ‘places’, you could take photos that would be meaningful for your child (for instance flowers growing in a nearby park, a tree in your street, your child’s favourite fruit/vegetable, a pet, animals seen on a farm visit, etc).

Idea #2 drawing

An older child could draw pictures of family members and friends as well as things that God has made.

Idea #3 collage book

Instead of photos or drawing, your child might enjoy making pictures by pasting (you could cut or tear circles as flowers, long rectangles for tree trunks, leaf shapes, circle sun, cotton wool clouds etc). For those of you who like doing craft, this idea has endless possibilities!

Idea #4 book made by a sibling

If you have older siblings, they could make a book for your little one—like the one my friend Josie made for her sister (see photos).

Pictures to hang

Instead of making a book, individual drawings with a caption could be pasted on coloured cardboard (as a frame) and hung as a reminder to be thankful to God for what he’s made.


‘Who made the world’ From A very, very big God

‘God made the pig’ From A very, very big God

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