God made me

Here are some ideas for each page of the book:

1. I have two hands. God made my hands.

2. I can clap with my hands. Thank you God that I can do lots of things with my hands.

3. God made all my fingers too. I have ten fingers!

4. I have two feet and God made them.

5. I have two arms and two legs. God made them too.

6. God also made my elbows and my knees and my ankles.

7. Thank you God for my hands, my feet, my arms, my legs, my elbows, my knees and my ankles! I can use them to walk and jump and dance.

8. I also have two eyes, two ears, one mouth and one nose. God made them too!

9. With my eyes I can see and with my ears I can hear.

10. With my mouth I can eat and talk. And with my nose I can smell.

11. God made my eyes. God made my nose. God made my fingers, my ankles and toes. God made my knees and my elbows. God made all of me!

This is an action rhyme. We start with one body part and moving to others, we lead to ‘God made all of me’. The actions are in italics below.

The action rhyme:

God made my eyes.

Point to eyes
God made my nose.Touch nose
God made my fingers,Wiggles fingers
my ankles and toes.Touch ankles and toes
God made my kneesBoth hands on knees
and my elbows.Both hands on elbows
God made all of me!Arms outstretched

12. God’s book, the Bible, says God made all of me! And he loves me too.

13. Psalm 139 verse 13. God made “every part of me”.

14. Thank you God for making all of me!

Making your own ‘God made’ book

It would be great to make your own ‘God made me’ book so that your child has a book which is about them specifically. In it you could include photos or drawings of your child doing things like clapping/waving/drawing with hands and arms, standing/kneeling/crawling/dancing/walking with feet and legs etc. It could also have photos of your child doing things (eg with their hands) throughout the day (for example digging in a sandpit, helping you stir a cake, stacking blocks, rolling a ball etc). You could put the photos in a mini album or a book with a caption for each photo (either on the facing page or below each photo), eg. “God made my feet. I can stand on my feet.”

Sadly I can’t write a book catering for every child and every possible physical difficulty or medical challenge. If you do have a child with a physical difficulty or medical challenge, I hope that you (or a friend) can make a special book for your child reminding them that they are special to God.

Making a picture to hang

A child’s drawing (by your little one or an older sibling) could be pasted on coloured cardboard (as a frame) and hung. Write the caption ‘God made me’.

Height chart

Make a height chart for your wall that has a caption like “God is helping me grow taller”.


‘God made me’ from J is for Jesus

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