Here are some ideas for each page of the book:

1. God sent Jesus to be his special King. Jesus was not like other kings.

2. Some kings wear fancy clothes and live in castles. But Jesus didn’t.

3. King Jesus was born in a dirty animal shed. Jesus was not like other kings.

4. Jesus did things that other kings couldn’t do. Jesus stopped the wind just by speaking.

5. Some people were very sick. Doctors couldn’t help them. But Jesus made them better just be speaking.

6. Jesus died on the cross. But he didn’t stay dead. God made him alive again forever.

7. That means we can be friends with God forever.

8. King Jesus is a very special king. He is a king who loves us.

9. He is the King forever and ever.

10. Jesus is the King of everyone.

11. Jesus is the King of everything.

12. God’s book, the Bible, says Jesus is the King of kings. He is the best king ever.

13. “he is… King of kings.” Revelation 17 verse 14

14. Thank you God for King Jesus. Thank you God that I can be your friend because of Jesus.

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