God loves me

[The theme of ‘God loves’ is not as simple as it seems. Does God love sinners? If so, does that mean he accepts them? What sort of love is it? How do Jesus and faith fit it? And how does all this relate to young children? To read more discussion about these issues, please read the God loves? page.]

Here are some ideas for each page of the book:

1. God made me and he loves me. He loved me when I was a little baby. He even loved me before I was born.

2 & 3. God loves me as I grow bigger… and bigger. He never stops loving me.

4. God loves me when I’m playing.

5. God loves me when I’m with my friends.

6. God loves me when I’m asleep.

7. And God loves me when I’m awake. God loves me all day and all night.

8. God loves me all the time!

9. God loves me wherever I am.

10. God loves me when I’m happy.

11. God loves me when I’m sad. God always loves me.

12. God’s book, the Bible, says that God showed us he loves us by sending Jesus. Thank you God for Jesus!

13. 1 John 4 verse 9, “And God showed his love for us by sending his only Son into the world.” The name of God’s Son is Jesus.

14. Thank you God that you love me lots and lots!

Making your own ‘God loves me’ book

It would be great to make your own ‘God loves me’ book specially for your child. It in you could include photos or drawings of your child doing things throughout the day, at different places in the day, at different times in the day. Add to this a simple text about God loving them throughout the day. You could also include photos of when your child was younger, especially a tiny baby, and how God has always loved them.

Pictures to hang

You could paste on coloured cardboard (as a frame) a photo or drawing of your child with the caption ‘God loves me’.


Write your own song. Here’s one I wrote…

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